The Smallest Printing Company
Printing the smallest posters of the Chaumont Poster festival.

We where really happy to be at the Chaumont International Poster and Graphic Design Festival again. This year we made our installation a little bit smaller. We brought a scale model of a Viprotech silk screen table and a scale model Roco-Ets V50, all packed in two crates full of ink, paper and tools. Ready for printing in the blink of an eye.

An 'impressive little show'
for a great festival

We thank the people and organisations that helped us. Their craftmenship did it.

Especially Jan from Roco-Ets did something amazing. He build this small version of the Roco-Ets V50.

Professional help from Van Son Ink Company they provided us with
the very best ink for relief printing. Merci!

Wessel van Offeren build these really nice crates for our installation. Everything is in it. Now we can finally travel the world.
LATU Werkhanden did his steel magic
building this small silk screen table.
Druma made the screens for the frames.
For the kids of Chaumont we organised
a litlle little workshop. That was hard work
but very big fun!
Au Revoir.